Day 10 – Brulange – Lunéville

Day 10: on the road to Lunéville, France! Hope the heat does not bother him as much as it did yesterday. Yesterday was a struggle with the heat and going off road few times. Looking forward to the next rest day! Keep going Danny!!.

Ralf: “Today is my last day “on the road” with this hero. Arno will join him as of tomorrow, followed by Rolla of course! Lots of luck and fun, thank you Danny!”

Danny in Brulange

Around 2:30 PM Danny arrived in Brulange, France. Now it is time for him to relax and enjoy the beautiful garden of B&B “Le Jardin de Norah”. Highly recommended!

The weather is currently warm and beautiful in France, which is perfect if you are on holidays but not if you are biking long distances daily!  It looks like the warm weather will continue until thursday so Danny has to cope and manage with these temperatures.  I was worried more about rain at this time of year.   Danny did not have a good sleep the night before so he was a little concerned on how the ride will be.  His GPS seemed to take him off road twice and he had to redirect himself.  All in all, tough day, but he made it early enough to enjoy a lovely afternoon at “Le Jardin de Norah” sitting in the sun.  This accomodation was pre-booked for Danny and at the last minute we heard that the owners sponsored him and offered Ralf and Danny the accomodation on the house for the night.  Lovely people wherever you go.  Day 9 completed with satisfaction.

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Day 8 – Trier – Kœnigsmacker (France)

Day 8 Trier –

After riding 66 km and climbing 367 m in altitude Danny arrived at his destination for the day in France in Koenigsmacker.  The warmer weather bothered him and made the biking more difficult.  His spirits were still high although he seemed really worried about the coming week since the temperature were going to be more on the warm side.  We will wait and see.

In his own words he added:   “The last trip in Germany was the Moselle path. The scenery along the Moselle river is beautiful and characterised by sunny vineyards, steep hillsides, picturesque wine villages and romantic towns.  Moving to Luxembourg and then to France I kept along this road.  It was incredibly beautiful and relaxing in its own right.  I was very bothered with the warm weather.  The German part also had a very large impressive campsite. In the French part unfortunately the directions along the road were not clear and it took some working out to determine how I should proceed.  The bicycle paths also were very narrow and in some cases that was just enough for my three wheeler bike. Until France, I did not encounter much hills and the climbing started in France”.


Danny in Trier

Day 7: Danny biked today over 85 kilometers along the Moselle river. This afternoon at 3:15 PM he arrived in Trier. He enjoyed today’s ride and was biking through magnificent scenery. He is looking forward to bike to France tomorrow. Although he recharged on his rest day, he said to me he was very eager to get back on the bike.  Kindly keep on supporting Danny by visiting the dedicated GoFundMe page. Thank you!