About Danny

Danny moved back to his home country The Netherlands after living in Australia for 18 years. Back in 1998 Danny was backpacking in Australia when he and I met on the Greyhound bus heading from Adelaide to Canberra, a 24 hour journey. Danny loved Australia and ended up staying, studying and eventually working. Together we came often to The Netherlands and he missed his hometown Egmond aan Zee. Danny loves nature and adored the undisrupted rain forests and outback of the Australian landscape which he preferred any day over cities. He is a bird lover and is a religious follower of any biking tour that may be going on at any moment in time. Danny has always loved biking and as long as I know him he has talked about one day riding to the french Alps from The Netherlands.
Danny is the most considerate, genuine man I know. He is a great example of the six pillars of character to all who have ever known him well enough. He is trustworthy, fair, responsible, caring above and beyond what he needs to be, respects young and old, and always does his share of work in any situation you put him in.
Three years ago Danny suffered a massive stroke which left him totally paralysed on the right hand side of his body. Today he is still recovering and everyday he learns to deal with what the world considers normal. He is a fighter and never tires. He is a great example to our kids that see how difficult life can be for papa and how papa never ever gives up.
He is my best friend and I hope that I can support him and be there for him half as much as he was there for me during the years that I have known him.