Day 19, what a day

Today after a lot of hassle, a rental car has been arranged to replace Rolla’s car.  We could not book a taxi before 15:00 and had to go all the way to Geneva for a large enough rental car to fit the bike.  From Geneva we then drove to Voreppe to our accomodation in Ibis Grenoble arriving at 22:30 in the evening.  It was a long day for Danny and tomorrow he rides again.


Danny in Claudon

Around 15:30 Danny arrived at Beauregard 6 in Claudine, France.  A fantastic accomodation with Dutch owners who were very welcoming.  Danny rode 85.3 km and was pushed mentally and physically.  The heat did not help and he was definitely exhausted by the time he arrived to his destination for the night. Once checked in, showered and sound asleep for a rest, Arno, his friend, who arrived yesterday and is now accompanying Danny for support, had to rush the bike to a bike shop to check the brakes, since according to Danny they did not work optimally.  The bike was fully serviced just before Danny left on this trip so we were not expecting to encounter problems any such problems.  All was taken care, the brakes fixed and the bike ready for Danny to continue his journey tomorrow.  Danny was too tired to convey his day to me and went to sleep after a lovely dinner prepared by the owner. What I do know, is that today was tough and the heat is really complicating things but Danny keeps fighting, he is determined and he does not allow anything to get in his way.  It is impressive to be part of this journey and to see this man go for his dream.  Day 12 completed.