The Goal

The donated money will be used for a project that Heliomare has been wanting to undertake for a while, however first the funds needed to be found.  The idea is to place some user-friendly fitness equipment outside in Heliomare’s garden to allow people to undergo therapy out in the fresh air. With a small workgroup (consisting of a movement therapist, physiotherapist and occupational therapist), the best possible applications have been considered.
The working group has come up with four devices: A Crosstrainer, an Arm Rotation Fit, a Cyclone fit and a Pulley fit plus.

These equipments with the exception of the Crosstrainer, can also be used by people in a wheel chair.  The realization of this training garden allows the undertaking of therapy in the open air for various conditions such as paraplegia and NAH (non-congenital brain injury). This is close to Danny’s heart: Spending months in a rehabilitation centre, he missed being outside.  At the end of his therapy each day, he went outside in his wheelchair to enjoy some fresh air no matter what the weather was like.  Exercising outdoors can motivate even more, making therapy more enjoyable and speeding up recovery, especially on these beautiful days where we all want to be outside.

2) Learning materials for people with aphasia

People with aphasia have a language disorder, which causes them to have trouble speaking, sometimes understanding, reading and/or writing. This has a big impact on daily life and is often extremely frustrating.  To know exactly what you want to say or write, but you can simply cannot. Speech therapy is practiced to improve communication. For this purpose, weekly afasie groups are organized in Heliomare. The speech therapists at Heliomare would like to purchase an annual subscription to newsletters for the groups to practice reading and writing.   These newsletters provide weekly lessons in comprehension (i.e. reading, understanding and writing).   They offer material at six reading levels about the news of the day in Holland.  Discussing daily news makes therapy more interesting and challenging especially for people in Heliomare who can at times be isolated.   Danny also did these exercises and he looked forward to them.  They have helped him greatly.

Total costs of these targets amount to approximately € 10,000.  On September 14th Danny had reached an amount of €5659, which is great. But still a lot of donations needed to reach his goal.

Will you help to make to following image come true (reaching Alpe d’Huez and raising enough money (€10.000,-) for Heliomare)?